Complete hotel booking system.

HOTEL CLOUD DATABASE is a complete cloud based booking system. You have more control over the entire booking process. Your customers have more information than ever before.

Online booking

Fully customizable, room by room. Easy to add amenities, description, photos etc... "One click" room customization. The "book" button is alweys next to the room info. This creates higher booking rates.

Speedy check in

We have eliminated the check in waiting line by streamlining the check in process. The front desk can simply click the appropriate booking to check in, all in a few seconds. Any information discrepancies are easily changed and room or date changes are as easy as "two clicks".

Easy room adjustments

As soon as your guest books online you can see his reservation. Each reservation is color coded for easy identification. This helps your front desk staff to see who is who.

Keep your website

Our cloud based booking system integrates with your current web site. Your customers never leave your site in the booking process. This keeps more traffic on your web site.


Add a room
Adjust room
Change a room
Add a room special
Search booking

Automatic invoice!

As soon as the booking is made there is an invoice ready to print. Adding extra purchases is as easy as "one click"


1 - 10 ROOMS
$10 per month
No setup cost
Unlimited booking!
Local support
10 - 100 ROOMS
$1/month per room
No setup cost
Unlimited booking!
Local support
Hotel cloud database


Chbar ampov, Phnom Penh